Katie and Richfield

A Dutch - German Duo...

Vocal harmonies blended, accompanied from ukulele, guitar and upright bass.


Let Katie and Richfield take you on a journey

through nine decades of popmusic, which will make you

forget the hectic of everyday life.


The more or less famous popsongs are presented acoustic,

calm and new arranged. This in a reduced way that fits to 

ukulele / guitar, double bass and vocal harmonies.


The program is rounded by some own arrangements.

Katie lives in Porta Westfalica (Germany) and participated in various projects

where she gained a lot of experience. She joined in for example a

jazz-pop band, an a-capella project

and several rock groups. Now these days Katie educates singing

aswell as acoustic guitar and ukulele for beginners.


Richfield once started playing the bass and never stopped this ever since.

He played in various projects in the Netherlands before he moved

to Germany where he played in several bands.

Richfields participation in a blue-grass band made him discover his

love for acoustic music and began playing the upright bass.  Now Richfield

lives together with Katie in Porta Westfalica.


Please feel free to write us an email: kontakt@katie-richfield.com